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Convert. Engage. Close. Repeat.

Introducing 11Sight e-lines: Convert And Engage From Any Online Channel

11Sight has reduced the digital communication address of a user or business to an URL.

Prospects can start a video call from any online channel with one click

On your end, you can select which rep should answer the call, or 11Sight's call orchestration system can ring multiple team members simultaneously.

11sight Video Call

Removing friction and unnecessary steps from your buying process, improving your customer experience, and delivering more and faster wins.

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Organization management

Manage all your organization's users, configurations, and access the aggregated company data from one single location.

Customizable e-line address

Users can customize their e-line links with brand name convention or assign an account to each team member to configure theirs.


Add a custom domain to your e-lines and e-rooms addresses.

User dashboard

Users have access to a feature-rich dashboard where they can easily access all their information and configuration options.

Custom branding

Customize your link address and user pages with branded content.


Track user data and performance across the organization. Gain insights and improve operations.


Browser-based or Mobile video calls

Answer calls directly on a browser with no download required or on  your iOS or Android device

Unlimited call time

Receive unlimited calls and spend unlimited minutes speaking with customers over video or audio.

Call history

Access the list of all your or your teams’ calls in your dashboard, access chat and file contents, and much more. Take action on missed calls and never miss a deal.

Caller Blocking

Easily block callers with one click and prevent them from spamming you.

Company Directory

Access all your team members in one single location.

End-to-end Encryption

All video calls are end-to-end encrypted. Connect and engage with the peace of mind that your calls are secure.

Availability control

Easily turn your availability on or off with one click or pre-configure it in the system to automatically enable or disable your availability.

Call recording

Record each call, share the call recording link, and review the meeting whenever you want.

Message mail

If you are busy, the caller can leave a text message that will be delivered via email to the sales rep. Reps can also leave a video-recorded message or upload a video on their landing page

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Stay Safe & Connected with 11sight

Call routing

Direct calls to any team member with easy-to-set-up rules.

TEAM Ringing

Route calls to teams grouped by location, department, or any other criteria chosen by you.

One-click 3-way calling

Easily add a user to your existing call with one click. Just select from a directory and click join.

Simultaneous ringing

Simultaneous ringing enables multiple phones to ring at the same time when a call comes in. Once the call gets answered, the ringing will stop on the other lines and the information will be recorded in the system.

One-click call TRANSFER

Easily forward the call to another user with one click. Select from a directory or search for the user.


E-line tracking

Create unlimited custom e-line links and track what channels or campaigns are being more efficient and converting more.

Lead form

Add a customizable landing page and configurable form to capture caller information before each call.

Pre-call CRM intelligence

If caller's information is in your CRM, callee receives info about account, caller, status, or any other selected information.

QR codes

Users can create unique QR codes for print campaigns.

Caller ID

If you have enabled forms on your dashboard or are receiving calls from other users, you will be able to identify the users’ information prior to the call.

Call notes

Add call notes after a call is completed for follow-up or future reference.




11Sight’s encrypted, dedicated, and browser-based meeting room solution is a natural extension of our e-lines.

E-rooms are powered with all the meeting features that you love, can hold up to 20 participants, and enable your teams to easily meet online with prospects and customers.

The fastest way to connect. The simplest way to engage.


Add a smart button to any website and allow your website visitors to connect with your team with one click from any page.

You can even use the button to capture lead data, add external applications, and provide one-click video, audio, and chat interactions for your website visitors.

Increase qualified lead conversion from the website and stop wasting time rescheduling meetings, with no-shows, and missed opportunities.

Download mobile app

Android and iPhone/iPad app are available for seamless and connected engagement experiences. Contact your team members or other 11Sight users or receive video and audio calls directly on your mobile device.

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