Last Updated in April 1st, 2024.
What is 11Sight?

11Sight is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline sales and marketing conversations through video calls. Instead of lengthy email chains, or impersonal forms, 11Sight allows potential customers to connect with your team for a face-to-face conversation with just one click. It helps businesses enhance their revenue generation strategies by streamlining customer interactions and sales processes.

What is conversational sales & marketing?

Conversational sales & marketing is a strategy that focuses on having two-way dialogues with potential customers throughout the buying journey. It replaces traditional methods like impersonal forms and lengthy email chains with a more natural and engaging approach.

Instead of pushing information at prospects, conversational sales & marketing allows them to ask questions, voice concerns, and get the information they need right away. This can happen through various channels like live chat, chatbots, social media messaging, or even video calls (which is where 11Sight shines!).

Key benefits of conversational sales & marketing:
Improved Lead Conversion: By having real-time conversations, you can address objections and nurture leads more effectively.

Increased Customer Engagement: People are more likely to respond and remember information presented in a conversation than through static content.

Better Customer Experience: Conversational marketing fosters a more personal connection with your brand, leading to happier customers.

How does 11Sight integrate with CRM systems?

11Sight integrates natively with HubSpot through a secure OAuth connection. 11Sight also integrates with Automotive CRMs using XML Auto Dealer Format (ADF).

How does 11Sight ensure the privacy and security of video calls?

11Sight prioritizes privacy and security in its video call solutions. It offers end-to-end encrypted video calls to ensure that all communications are secure and confidential. 11Sight also follows industry practices for secure data storage practices.

Can you start 11Sight calls from emails?

Yes, you can include a clickable link in your emails that initiates a video call with 11Sight.

Can you start 11Sight calls from QR Codes?

Yes, you can generate QR Codes that launch an 11Sight call when scanned with a smartphone camera.

Can you start 11Sight calls from digital ad campaigns?

Absolutely, you can integrate 11Sight with your digital ad campaigns, allowing potential customers to connect with a rep directly from the ad.

Can 11Sight help with lead generation?

Yes, 11Sight is equipped with tools for B2B and B2C lead generation, including AI lead qualification and lead capture video call features. These tools help in identifying and converting qualified leads more effectively.

What are the key benefits of using 11Sight for customer service?

11Sight enhances customer service by providing tools for customer service video calls, ensuring high-quality video meetings, and offering features like video call transcription.

Faster Resolution: Video calls allow for quicker diagnosis and resolution of customer issues compared to email or text exchanges.
Improved Customer Satisfaction: Face-to-face interaction can build rapport and lead to a more positive customer service experience.
Reduced Costs: Efficiently resolving issues through video calls can potentially lower overall customer service costs.

How does 11Sight's work as your sales assistant?

11Sight leverages AI technology to provide sales analytics, intelligent lead prioritization, and automated processes, helping sales teams to focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks.

Can 11Sight be used for remote sales teams?

Absolutely, 11Sight is ideal for remote sales teams. It offers digital sales tools, cloud meetings, and web conferencing features that facilitate efficient remote sales operations and virtual sales meetings.

What is 11Sight's approach to customer journey optimization?

11Sight optimizes the customer journey by providing a smooth and integrated experience from the initial video call to post-call follow-ups. This approach helps in streamlining the customer's journey through various stages of engagement.

How does 11Sight assist in sales meeting preparation?

11Sight aids in sales meeting preparation by offering features like call scripts, and providing sales agents with real-time lead insights, ensuring well-prepared and effective sales interactions.

What makes 11Sight different from other video conferencing solutions?

Unlike traditional video conferencing solutions, 11Sight offers one-click video call functionality, enabling instant customer connections without the need for downloads or complex setups. It's designed specifically for sales and customer service efficiency.

What makes 11Sight different from other conversational sales & marketing platforms?

Omnichannel Pipeline Generation: Unlike some platforms limited to website chatbots, 11Sight works across various channels. You can embed video call options in emails, social media, and even physical marketing materials. This flexibility gives you more opportunities to connect with potential customers wherever they are.

AI-powered Lead Qualification: 11Sight uses AI to analyze conversations and qualify leads based on pre-set criteria. This frees up your sales team's time from chasing unqualified leads and allows them to focus on nurturing high-potential contacts.

Frictionless Call Orchestration: 11Sight removes unnecessary steps from the buying process. When a call comes in, you can choose which rep should answer, or the system can ring multiple team members simultaneously, ensuring a quick and efficient connection for your prospect.

What makes 11Sight different from other chatbot providers?

Focus on Video Calls: While some chatbots offer text-based conversations, 11Sight prioritizes video calls. This allows for a more personal and engaging experience that can significantly boost lead conversion and customer satisfaction. 11Sight can also integrate with chatbots you might already be using, creating a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers.