Why Customer Engagement is Undergoing a Dramatic Transformation

Why Customer Engagement is Undergoing a Dramatic Transformation

November 30, 2023

Welcome to the age of digital evolution, where every touchpoint with your customer can either make or break your business. If you've ever wondered how customer engagement is changing and why it matters to your brand, read on. We're diving deep into the transformation journey and how 11Sight is pioneering the future.

The Integration Challenge: Mismatched Components

It's one thing to have powerful tools, but what happens when they don't fit together? The challenge of integrating diverse components like online meeting capabilities, call center functionalities, and CRM tech stacks is a puzzle many businesses are struggling with.

Video Meetings: A New Layer of Complexity

While video meetings brought faces and emotions into customer conversations, it also introduced new challenges. It isn't just about seeing each other; it's also about using the right technology and expertise to make every video chat smooth and authentic. Switching between tools while trying to be present in the meeting has been a new challenge.

Bending Meeting Rooms with Plug-ins

While integrating plugins into meeting rooms may seem like a solution to enhance functionality, it often leads to a disconnected experience for customers. Each additional plugin can introduce complexity and inconsistency, potentially disrupting the smooth flow of customer interactions. Instead of a seamless journey, customers might face mismatched tools, each requiring different interactions and understanding. This integration issue in the meeting experience doesn't just inconvenience you as a seller; it can also become a barrier block in your customer's engagement journey, diverting their attention from the core conversation.

Redefining Call Centers: From Basic Support to Proactive Sales Assistance

A traditional call center that is reactive and can only deal with customer issues as they arise. Now reimagine it as a proactive knowledge hub equipped with information on what the customer's challenges are most likely to be. This shift from basic support to active sales assistance marks a significant evolution in the customer journey, actively driving sales and growth. The transformation is not just noticeable; it’s revolutionary.

The AI Revolution in Sales and Revenue Operations

Artificial Intelligence isn't just a buzzword; it's redefining the playing field. With the introduction of AI, every sales and revenue operations professional is now looking for ways to leverage it, seeking application opportunities to enhance customer engagement, lead qualification, and much more.

The Future: A 3-Step Interactive Engagement

Here's where the transformation is heading:

  • AI Answers and Qualifies: AI can quickly provide answers or qualify leads, making the initial stages of interaction smooth and efficient, that results in streamlining the customer's journey from the very first touchpoint.
  • Human Touch, Just in Time: With AI laying the groundwork, human sales team members are introduced at the optimal moment, equipped with rich context about the prospect. This seamless transition allows for a personalized approach, ensuring each customer feels uniquely understood and valued.
  • AI's Comprehensive Role in Post-Interaction Processes: After each conversation, AI goes beyond just cataloging details. It updates the CRM with new insights from the call's transcription, triggering workflows accordingly, and contributes to the continuous improvement of future interactions. By learning from each call, AI shapes and refines the lead qualification process, ensuring a more targeted and effective customer engagement strategy.

Discover 11Sight: Your Customer Engagement Partner

At 11Sight, we're not just speculating about the future; we're building it. Our smart Customer Engagement Platform delivers the ideal mix of meeting & call center capabilities integrated into your CRM tech stack. 

With features like 1-click call/meeting initiation, seamless hand-off from chatbots, smart lead routing, easy access to CRM data during meetings and open architecture for integrations, we ensure a user-friendly environment for businesses. Proven results from our customers are increased engagement, improved customer satisfaction, and a significant reduction in operational costs.

What sets us apart is our emphasis on continuous communication, especially with our just-in-time meetings. Our meeting rooms come with built-in tools for customer engagement, eliminating the need for additional plugins and managing multiple vendors.

Ready to Embrace the Future of Customer Engagement?

Step into the world of 11Sight. Explore our features, experience our platform, and let's reimagine customer engagement together. Are you ready to give it a test drive? Start your free trial now.

Because in this ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity.