Which video calling app should you use?

May 29, 2020

Video calls are now in our lives more than they have ever been before. Because of the COVID-19, the disease that is caused by the novel coronavirus, the whole world has been in lockdown. We use video calls to connect with our friends and family, to have business meetings, even to shop online. But not every app is suitable for every purpose, we need to use different apps for different purposes.

If you want to host a live stream like a webinar, you need an app where you can initiate a one-way video stream which your audience can tune in to watch, like YouTube live, Instagram live or StreamYard.

If you want to have a business meeting with multiple attendees, you will need a platform that hosts a meeting room which the attendees can join. These apps usually provide features like a meeting room link or a meeting ID, multiple concurrent video streams, screen sharing, video recording, etc. For this purpose, Zoom, Google Meet or Whereby can be used.

If you want to have a casual chat with your friends or family, you will not require a lot of features but a fast and easy way to connect. Apps like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp fall into this category. They provide group video calls with fun features like filters and games.

If you are a business owner and want your customers to be able to start a direct video call to your business easily with 1-click, then 11Sight is the app for you. With a button that you can place into your website in under 5 minutes, you can start receiving calls from your customers and provide a 1-to-1 personal service virtually. Your customers do not need to download any applications, they will just click the button and video call you from within their browsers. You can also download and print your QR codes on your printed advertising so that your customers can video call you by just scanning them.

If you want to hop on a platform where you can attend a happy hour after a webinar and start networking with the attendees, you will have to wait. We are sure that platform is being built in a garage somewhere!

To experience 11Sight’s secure 1-to-1 video calls, get a one-month free trial here. You can also contact our team for further information.