Where is the Automotive Industry in the Digital Transformation Act?

September 29, 2019

Since Industry 4.0 has been an agenda topic, “Digital Transformation” has made its name and started to rewrite the business literature. The models which we have been using for ages are facing extinction if they are not able to digitalize. Of course, the automotive sector is keeping up with the trend and digitalizing. Customer, product and company resources are being re-planned to add value and taking the revenue effectiveness to its best.


There have been several developments in the automotive industry in terms of security, build and performance in the past 100 years. However, we haven’t seen a breakthrough in the technology side. It is expected that the automotive industry will face more developments in the following 20 years, than it had in the past 100.

From its invention until today, cars have been a status symbol. It’s still the same case in developing countries; a car is a pass to the middle class. In most cases, individual cars are seen in society as a service rather than a product. 35% of global yearly growth is expected in the car-sharing and transportation applications until 2020.

“It doesn’t make sense to be a car manufacturer anymore. I need to give you an integrated solution for your mobility.” –Giuseppe Moder, Digital Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Director, Fiat Chrysler Automotive

Ubiquitous communication channels with smartphones are opening a new door into new and exciting digital solutions. When it comes to automotive industry, consumers don’t want to lose contact with their cars. So, producers should find the perfect ratio to integrate cars with technology. For example, we are expecting that a new car has Bluetooth technology in the standard model. Just like this, we are going to be expecting connection with smart home applications to come on standard. In short, digital solutions are needed both inside and outside cars. ** IoT (Internet of Things) and analytical systems are standing out in this case. Automotive producers want to focus on what they can do on the analytical layer with the data they collect from sensors.


Except this, automotive companies can apply digital solutions into every step of their supply chain, production facility and customer relationship process. In the report written by the collaboration of Koç Sistem and IDC Turkey (International Data Corporation), this issue is discussed. Let’s see some digital solutions in different areas:

-Supply chain: Instant warehouse and stock information, demand forecasting, truck tracking, and planning,

-Production: Assembly management, data collection, energy management, physical safety,

-Retailing: Self-service car rental, digital profitability analysis, customer interaction,

-After-sales: Document management, mobile breakdown cover, assurance and damage management,

-Workplace: Interactive car-sharing, mobile salesforce management, and more digital solutions can be integrated into your business.

11Sight is a preferred platform in the automotive sector as part of the digital transformation act. It enables one-click video chat for customers to talk with the sales representatives at the car gallery, from their own couch. The advantages of 11Sight are not over with this only. It’s going to make employee’s lives easier in production and after-sales support too.Keep in touch to know what you can do with 11Sight and hear more about us! Click here to get an offer. Hope to see you soon!

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