What to Sell Online?

September 3, 2020

The world has been going through a lot. We’ve been struggling with climate crisis and economic uncertainty when the pandemic showed up. But this pandemic is a lot more important than the others.

The Covid-19 disease has locked down millions of people in their homes. But life must go on, and we were lucky enough to have developed the technologies that can let us work and socialize from home.

Some products such as consumer goods, clothes or technological devices were already being sold online. But products with higher volumes like real estate or home appliances and health/education services were not able to continue their life cycles online. The pandemic has fueled up a new sales method: Remote Sales.

Video calling is an easily adoptable option to sell remotely. To keep track of potential customers and provide this service in a professional way, 11Sight is a good alternative to everyday apps like WhatsApp, Zoom and others. 11Sight provides video calls with one click. The customer doesn’t have to share their personal information or download any apps. You put a button or a link on a website and they call you instantly.

What to Sell Online?

Unique & Second-hand Products: Selling new and standard products online is easy, because the consumers already know what they will look like. But selling unique products can be hard without letting the customer touch and feel the product. Provide an instant glimpse of the product with instant video calls.

Furniture: Furniture sales is a long process. Customers would like to see all the details and sizes of the furniture in detail. Let the customers connect with one click and see the magic of visual communication.

Real Estate: If you are a realtor and locked down in your home due to Covid-19, you might have been unemployed for a while. 11Sight’s one-click video call can help you show homes with the click of a button.

Telehealth: Health is the most sensitive issue of this era. Either for psychological or physical diseases, reaching a doctor whenever we need is essential. As a healthcare professional, 11Sight’s peer-to-peer encrypted secure video calls is what you need to let patients reach you online. Be where they are, provide your expertise and cure diseases.

Education: Everything starts with education. If you are a professional in education and want to provide expertise to your students from all ages on a safe and 1-to-1 platform, see our plans and get a free demo.

How to Sell Online?

We are providing our technological expertise for you to help you move forward in your business with digital methods. Contact us live with one click and let us build your business solutions tailored for you. If you’d like to have more information, read this blog post: https://11sight.com/technology/bring-your-business-to-your-customers/

Or, just call us: 11to.me/11sales