Video Call Era in Real Estate

October 10, 2019

With the arising technology and easy access to internet, it’s been easier to reach customers but harder to sell products, because customers are so much aware of the alternatives. It’s the same case for real estate. To stand out amongst others, a successful realtor must use the technology actively and efficiently.

Traditional real estate methods have fallen behind. Customers want to see the property in detail but they usually don’t have time. Agents choose to make videos about the property or they choose cold-calling. "Cold-video-calling" helps real estate agents to highlight the positive attributes of a property available for sale. There's no need to put too much effort and waste time. Plus, according to Mashable, 73% of homeowners say they would prefer an agent who makes video calls. Cold-calling stands for pre-planned calls. It enhances the interaction between a possible buyer and a seller. It allows sharing personal interests or details about the property and following-up.

Since it’s a critical connection point between the buyer and the seller, it must be done with a good infrastructure. Video/voice quality, uninterrupted connection and ease of use are vital for the real estate selling process. 11Sight comes right at this point and provides professional infrastructure for video calls. 11Sight offers one-click video chat without any downloads or a subscription. This is what makes it preferred around the world. Thanks to video calls, your customers will be able to see the property in detail, not only a small part. Plus, you can show the neighborhood live and win their confidence.

Video calling in real estate

If you’re afraid to make a mistake during the call, here’s some good news for you! Video consumers prefer authentic and natural presentations rather than over-polished and unnatural ones. It’s time to try 11Sight for a professional video call experience.

Video calls in real estate minifies the travel expenses and time consumption. This is a profitable situation for both parts and it’s becoming more popular over time. Thanks to video calls, real estate agents can give instant answers to all kinds of questions coming from the customers. This helps turning leads into closings. Since video chat is an attractive way to market a property, most customers who try it say they would use this service again.

Bring a new impulse to real estate sales and try 11Sight. Keep in touch to discover applications of 11Sight in real estate and more areas of usage! Visit us to see our offers. Hope to see you soon...