The Role of Video in Online 1-to-1 Courses

November 6, 2019

It’s certain that video calls have come to another era today. Individuals and businesses are integrating video calls into their lives so fast. Video calling is a faster and cheaper solution for many reasons. There are so many areas of use; the most popular area of use for 11Sight is customer service.

Another great area to benefit from video calls is education. Online education market is booming, and these platforms use videos and links to teach everything. Why do students prefer these platforms? It’s because it’s easier to focus when you both hear and see what’s being told. But you don’t have to be a part of these platforms to use video for education. As an instructor, you can have your very own link to send, or better, a customized button that takes students to your screen with 1-click. Let’s dig into the benefits of video calls in education in more detail.

When instructors use video calls, it grabs attention.            

Students love using new things because they’re willing to learn and experience new things to enhance their life quality. Our 1-click button makes education reachable for everyone.

Video calls increase motivation.

With 1 to 1 video calls, you are there for only that student. By no doubt, this gives them the feeling of being special. High motivation brings success and it’s just 1-click away.

Make learning process interactive.

Charts and presentations are replaced by HD videos. They are becoming common too, but interactive calls are not! Sharing screens with the students provide better and more life-like experience.

In the era of digitalization, video calls endorse distant learning.

Education will never end, but the way things are being taught will change for sure. 11Sight is a great option for online instructors because it takes only 1-click from every platform for students to reach the instructor. Some companies provide free education programs via video calls, to make education accessible for everyone.

Last but not least, video calls are environmentally friendly.

It’s possible to reduce your carbon footprint by using video calls. All those students will not have to use cars, trains and buses twice every day; which can reduce the carbon emission by a huge amount.

When we think further, video calls seem like the best choice for education, don’t they? Try a free demo from 11Sight to see it with your own eyes. Follow us to discover more about 11Sight!