The New Normal of Marketing

July 17, 2020

Today’s customers are far more different than how they were before. Think of a person born in the 90s. How many marketing trends has he witnessed? Marketing trends change as people change. Actually it’s not people who are changing. It’s their expectations.


If you’re familiar with marketing, you have probably heard of the Marketing Mix consisting of 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Even this Mix has evolved over years. 2 more Ps were added to this mix: Process and People, because, as customers, we love being connected and we want to be involved.  Furthermore, the 6Ps have also evolved into something else; 4Es (Experience, Exchange, Evangelism, Everyplace). Forbes contributor Daniel Newman said, “Every experience point is a marketing effort. Taken in that context, everyone in the company becomes a marketer.”


The concept of 4Es makes more sense for the new generation customers, as well as us, customers adapting to the digital world. Es replaced the Ps and there’s more to come. Electronic data-processing analysis, online communications, and search engine systems elevate and bring about the changes in marketing efforts.


Experience packed with Product

Regardless of what you’re selling, providing an experience is a must. Retail industry and the pandemic dual shows us the collapse of physical stores. People don’t have to go to the physical stores and shopping malls to buy stuff. They can compare prices, read reviews and make payments from their mobile phones. Why would they go to the store?


Companies need to focus on both physical and digital experience of customers. Customers want information fast and accessible. Some brands are changing their physical stores with “experience stores” and decreasing the number of employees. They need employees for the digital world too.


Our solution offers 1-click video calls on websites, or even on social media platforms. You share a link or integrate a button and customers can video call your sales or support team from their phones, tablets or computers. Hence, you offer products with a smooth experience and satisfy customers’ needs fast.


Price shifts to Exchange

Values of products and services mean more than money to customers and companies of today. Exchange is the whole value experience in which customers are involved. Starts with the engagement and goes on for a lifetime. Parts of exchange include time, knowledge, emotions and money. Exchange emotions using live communication tools and grow your community.


Evangelism replaces Promotion

When you engage your customers with the digital or physical store, do not only target selling the product. Offer a great experience, make it so great that customers will become evangelists of your brand. Old-school billboards and TV ads don’t work for today’s customers. Satisfy them and watch the word-of-mouth do its part.

Place is too narrow. Let’s make it Everyplace!

Reach the customers wherever they are. Don’t lose your track, because so much emphasis on technology-enhanced customer interaction can distract companies. Create consequential and unforgettable experience with an integrated mindset.


Have you been thinking of a way to engage with customers and Exchange the Experience at Everyplace to make them your brand Evangelists? We have a quick solution. Check out 11Sight’s free offer and keep up with the digital world!