In this blog we outline key capabilities of a smart customer engagement platform that literally changes the picture.

The New Era of Sales Efficiency: How 11Sight Maximizes Selling Time in the Digital Age

December 21, 2023


Time is money! Yet most sales professionals end up spending the majority of it on busy work rather than on selling. We all know this. A recent Salesforce report shows that only 28% of a sales rep's time is dedicated to actual selling. The rest is absorbed by a variety of other tasks that, while necessary, do not directly contribute to closing deals.

With only 28% of their week devoted to actual selling, the question becomes, how can sales reps maximize their efficiency? The answer lies in smart customer engagement solutions - like 11Sight.

In this blog we outline key capabilities of a smart customer engagement platform that literally changes the picture. Key results you should look for are:

  • Ensure every customer conversation counts. Avoid no-shows and junk leads, but never make a high value prospect/customer wait
  • Let the platform prepare you for the meeting by bringing the relevant information to the online meeting
  • Let the platform take over the busy-work, CRM updates, workflows
  • Empower sales reps to focus on what they do best—selling and closing.

The Productivity Challenge:

Fig 1., Inc. (2022). State of Sales, 5th Edition

Fig 2 11Sight's Impact on Key Sales Factors

This image outlines a modern sales rep's weekly routine. A staggering 72% of their time is consumed by non-selling tasks—from administrative duties to customer data management. 

Let us now drill down into each activity and discuss the impact of a smart customer engagement platform, like 11Sight, that changes the picture. 

Bridging the Productivity Gap with 11Sight

The reality shown in the Salesforce report (fig 1) is a common thread across the sales industry. Sales reps often find themselves involved in the backend operations that don't directly contribute to the bottom line. This is where 11Sight comes into play, realigning the sales focus by automating and optimizing these time-consuming tasks. With 11Sight’s suite of features, sales teams can convert what was once downtime into prime selling opportunities, ensuring that every minute of the sales rep's time contributes to their primary goal: engaging and winning clients.

By integrating 11Sight's intelligent systems, sales teams can seamlessly transition from non-selling to selling activities, effectively increasing the percentage of time spent on what truly drives revenue. This transformation is not just about improving individual efficiency; it's about reshaping the sales workflow to meet the demands of a fast-paced, digitally-driven market.

A Closer Look at 11Sight's Impact on Key Sales Factors

Now, let's delve deeper into how 11Sight positively impacts the various factors mentioned in the Salesforce report. By dissecting each segment of a sales rep’s week, we can see the transformative potential of 11Sight in converting non-selling activities into opportunities for revenue generation and customer engagement.

As per salesforce, sales teams spend only 28% of their time selling. With 11Sight, this figure jumps to 50.6%, revolutionizing the way sales professionals engage with their work and prioritize their time.

Prioritizing Leads/Opportunities

Sales reps generally spent 9.2% of their time identifying which leads to chase, but with 11Sight, this process is streamlined to just 2.7%. By leveraging AI, 11Sight smartly categorizes leads based on their potential, allowing reps to focus on those with the highest chances of conversion.

Researching Prospects

Researching prospects takes 9.3% of a rep's week, but with 11Sight's integration of platforms like Clearbit, this time is cut to 2.7%. Sales reps now have instant access to comprehensive prospect data during the calls/meeting, which streamlines research and accelerates the lead qualification process.

Preparation and Planning

The time invested in preparation and planning has been reduced from 9% to 2.7%, thanks to 11Sight’s ability to provide real-time data and insights. This allows reps to prepare for meetings more efficiently, freeing up hours previously spent on planning.

Generating Quotes/Proposals

The task of generating quotes and proposals remains unchanged at 9.4% as customization is still vital. However, 11Sight aids in information gathering, which makes the quote generation process as informed and accurate as possible.

Manually Entering Customer and Sales Information

Manual data entry accounts for 8.8% of a rep's time, but 11Sight's CRM integration has reduced this to a mere 1.9%. This automation of data entry means that all customer interactions are synced with your database without the need for manual input.

Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks have seen a reduction from 8.8% to 7.7%. 11Sight's centralized data approach minimizes the administrative overhead associated with sales operations, leading to more time spent on activities that directly contribute to sales.


Interestingly, downtime has increased from 8.3% to 12%, but this is indicative of more efficient operations elsewhere, allowing reps strategic breaks which are crucial for productivity and job satisfaction.

Internal Meetings and Training

With the efficiencies gained through 11Sight, time for internal meetings and training has slightly increased from 8.8% to 10.3%. This additional time can be invested in professional development and team-building exercises, which are essential for a sales team's growth and success.

Prospecting and Customer Meetings

Prospecting remains a critical activity, unchanged at 8.7%, as it requires a personal touch. However, connecting virtually with customers has seen a significant increase from 9.4% to 26.2% due to Just-in-time video calls, enhancing the ease and effectiveness of online interactions. Similarly, in-person meetings with customers have risen from 10.4% to 15.7%, as reps can spend more time where it counts: face-to-face with clients.


11Sight is not just changing how sales teams operate; it is setting a new precedent for what it means to be efficient in sales. With a significant portion of time redirected towards actual selling activities, sales reps can achieve more, contributing to the bottom line of their businesses. As sales teams adapt to the demands of the digital marketplace, 11Sight stands out as the essential tool for sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Don't let non-selling activities dominate your sales team's time. Embrace the change and empower your sales team with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive landscape. Make every second count. Start your trial now and transform your sales strategy from routine to remarkable.