Take Customer Service to the Next Level with 11Sight!

October 24, 2019
  1. Building a personal relationship with your customer

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realized it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

The value of customer interaction and satisfaction is higher than ever. This is not only proven by the good old saying: The customer is our King! Also, many of the most outstanding entrepreneurs of our days have shared their views on Customer Service.

Amongst them, Steve Jobs’ approach seems to be one of the most revolutionary insights into human behavioral psychology. His message is, that some of your customers may not even know what they want! So, it is your responsibility as a business to provide adequate and appealing offers to your customers. But how can you accomplish this? According to Jobs, by getting closer than ever to your customers. But then, how do you accomplish getting closer than ever? You have to build a personal relationship with your customers…

  1. Providing instant support

One very comfortable way of achieving that goal is by implementing the 11-Button onto your website. 11Sight offers the ideal solution to improve your customer interaction and satisfaction! If you have ever considered integrating video chat into your business, we are your ideal partner. We know that body language makes up to 60% of a conversation. Beside from having a real-life conversation, video chat is the realest and most authentic way of communication.

Our One-Click Call Button makes it very easy and convenient for your customers to reach out to you with a video call. The only thing your clients will have to do is to click a button and suddenly a video chat starts in their browser and your customer representatives will be able to respond either on their smart phones with the installed 11Sight application or on their browser in order to answer all of your customers’ questions. It also is an easy way to attract new customers and build instant trust.

  1. Learning from your customers’ complaints:
Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning – Bill Gates

Customer Satisfaction is one of the top priorities in running a business. Don’t let unhappy customers fill out long forms in order to get in touch with you. By having a video call, your representative can see the customer and vice versa, which helps a lot in order to calm down (potentially) angry callers. Whereas, waiting in long lines with automated calls is rather suboptimal and unpleasant and will ultimately lead to the loss of a client! Furthermore, according to Bill Gates, it is crucial to learn from your unhappy customers.

On a video call, customers can show live on camera, what may be wrong with their product and you can provide instant support. In addition to that the practical “take a picture” function of a 11Sight Video Call enables you to take high quality pictures and save them in your call history, in case you need those photos again later. During the call, your customer representative can take notes in the chat function and save them for later. This makes it a lot easier to understand your customers and their concerns, which will ultimately lead to a better product and higher customer satisfaction if the errors committed and complained about are not repeated!

To conclude there are three key points on how to take Customer Service to the next level: firstly, by building a personal relationship with your customer, secondly, by providing instant support and last but not least, by learning from your customers’ complaints. It is evident that customer support and service play a huge role in running a successful business as the statements of many unbelievably smart entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates indicate. It is not exaggerated to say that customer interaction is the fundamental of a successful business! Without customer interaction, service and attention, there are no customers and without customers there is no business.