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July 2, 2020

Communication has been shaped according to our habits for millions of years. We were using two small rocks to start a fire and communicate. Today, thanks to technology, we use a small button or link to do so. However it may have started, communication has always been natural and as fast as it could be. Since we are humans, we like to share, get feedback and make new connections.


The case is the same in the business world. As global enterprises or individual businesses, we want to share our emotions and feedback with our shareholders. Today we share our emotions with companies, our colleagues or even strangers just like we do with our acquaintances without a second thought. Sharing emotions and socializing make us feel more important. We, as human beings, all want to become a part of institutions, so the world is shaped accordingly.


11Sight is a video interaction platform to build the bridges between companies / service providers / representatives or any person who wants to communicate with their shareholders in the blink of an eye.


Since 2016, we have been working hard to develop our platform in accordance with the latest technologies in customer experience trends. We have had customers from many industries but there are some that we have become an innovator in, such as automotive and real estate. Automotive companies use 11Sight at their dealerships to bring showrooms to their customers’ living rooms. In a study we conducted with one of our customers, we have proven that video calls double the conversion rates. Also, one-click video chat increases reliance of customers to the brands by 3 times.


We have over 4000 users worldwide and still counting. Our solution is easy; just implement a short code on your website and start using video communication on every platform. The customer only clicks the button on their phones, tablets or computers and the call starts in their browser.


Video calls’ usage areas are endless. We have use cases for car dealerships, technology providers, marketing agencies, wealth management and even online therapists. Here are some other use cases:


  • Service for the hearing-impaired: There are more than 360 million hearing-impaired people around the world and they deserve a good service. You can use 11Sight to let them connect with your sales representatives that can speak sign language. Read our post about this vertical: https://11sight.com/2019/12/10/11sight-for-the-hearing-impaired/


  • Medical services: Doctors and psychologists are personal service providers. They need privacy, data security and ease of communication regardless of the platform. That’s what we provide. Clients and experts can safely communicate on our peer-to-peer platform.


  • Legal experts: Privacy and data protection is the most important aspect of legal meetings. 11Sight uses end-to-end encryption to keep the users’ information safe. We provide all necessary legal documents to objectify the secure service.


  • Startups: Guiding users to use the solution is crucial for startups. The first thing they need is to be accessible and understandable. 11Sight provides real time communication with the brand representatives, so that potential customers can get to the nitty gritty of the idea.


Can’t see your vertical in this list? No problem! 11Sight is a flexible platform that can be shaped according to your needs. Tell us how you’d like to use one click video call and let’s get down to it together! Contact us: 11to.me/sales or info@11sight.com


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