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One Inbound Marketing Trend That Is Accelerating Buyer Engagement and Sales in 2023

January 3, 2023

Inbound marketing is a popular marketing strategy that involves attracting and engaging potential customers through valuable and relevant content and experiences. In 2023, inbound marketing continues to be an effective method for businesses to convert and retain customers, particularly for B2B SaaS companies.

One of the main challenges for B2B SaaS companies in inbound marketing is the need to constantly produce high-quality content. As the competition for attention online becomes more intense, businesses must consistently create and share valuable and informative content in order to stand out. This can be a significant challenge, as it requires a dedicated team of writers, designers, and marketers to produce the necessary content on a regular basis. AI tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and others can help with this process, however, your content can fall into the generic trap.

For that reason, you need to really understand your ICP and personas, and personalize your marketing message. With the abundance of information available online, it is important for B2B SaaS companies to tailor their marketing efforts to the specific challenges and preferences of their target audience. This requires in-depth understanding of the customer journey, the use of data-driven marketing strategies, and tools such as Hubspot to deliver personalized experiences.

In 2023, inbound marketing also requires a strong presence on social media platforms, as more and more people are turning to social media to research and make purchasing decisions. B2B SaaS companies and teams must be active on social media and engage with their audience in order to stay top-of-mind and build brand awareness. Encouraging your team members to constantly post on social media websites such as Linkedin and help your sales team build their personal brands can pay a huge dividend in the medium term.

We all agree that Inbound marketing is still one of the preferred strategies for educating and converting prospects into leads. The part that has changed is that prospects don't rely on corporate websites anymore to learn about your solutions in greater detail. It has moved into the hands of communities, social media, influencers, review websites, and other channels.

With more content, more information has become available. Less interaction with your sales teams is required for prospects to get educated. That's why it's crucial that you offer frictionless experiences for your qualified prospects to reach out and connect with your teams from wherever they are whenever they are ready.

One trend in inbound marketing that is particularly relevant for B2B SaaS companies is the use of inbound video call platforms. Inbound video call solutions are a combination of video communication, digital telephony, and sales and marketing capabilities in one platform. This technology allows your teams to receive a video call from any channel through a unique URL called an e-line. An e-line is a dedicated digital communication address that allows prospects and customers to reach out to businesses from any channel with just one click. For example, you can start a video conversation with 11Sight's sales team through your browser or any mobile device by clicking on the e-line

With this technology, prospects and customers can initiate an inbound video call with your teams from any online channel, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, email marketing, a website, or anywhere on the web, with just one click. They can also initiate a call by scanning a QR code from any printed material. This creates an enhanced digital experience for prospects and customers and allows your teams to deliver highly qualified engagements. It provides a unique, seamless, and consistent experience from any channel, and no downloads, sign-ins, or appointments are required for the caller. All it takes is one click from any online channel, browser, and device to start a video conversation, eliminating any barriers or unnecessary steps needed to engage with someone who wants to buy from someone who wants to sell.

Optimizing the customer journey from the first engagement can lead to revenue acceleration and competitive advantage. However, many organizations do not focus on this, even though the success of a deal can depend on the first meeting with a prospect, which represents 80% of the deal's success. 

However, it typically takes five to ten days to meet face-to-face with a qualified prospect using chatbots, forms, email, scheduling applications, and web meeting tools, and 30% of these meetings often do not happen. This is unsustainable and ineffective in a competitive industry. If your competitor offers a one-click inbound video call engagement to a prospect and nails that first meeting, it is likely that the prospect will choose to buy from them instead of waiting for a meeting with you in five to ten days. In short sales cycles, such as for SMBs and mid-market companies that have 90, 60, 30 days or fewer sales cycles where consulting is necessary for clarifications, trust, and legitimacy are required, inbound video call solutions are a valuable asset. Even in longer enterprise sales cycles, being the first to connect with a prospect can give you a significant advantage.

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