Integrate Video into Your Strategy in 2020

January 10, 2020

Integrate Video into Your Strategy in 2020

You have created an app, a service, a product that your customers are using. In this day and age, it is important to provide a way for people to provide feedback or for you to provide customer support in one form or another.

For a non-mission critical service, support was only to provide an email. For mission critical ones, texting or leaving a text message. Sometimes voice message. It is time for you to start thinking about your video strategy.

Your customer is using video to communicate, and for many services, it is the best way to convey the problem and the scope of the problem. To be able to have a video call with someone using an internet browser, you need WebRTC. WebRTC is a necessary piece of technology that has allowed everyone to start thinking about the strategy since it removed the app-based video requirements.

However, the road hasn’t been smooth. It is only recently that Safari on iOS has allowed WebRTC based communications.

We are still waiting for the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium to fully support video communications.

There are other browser variants that are still not fully compliant and therefore it has been difficult to have a universally functional video call.

What complicates the problem is that WebRTC, though necessary, is not sufficient; it allows browser to browser communications.

Though, using it in a mobile environment is not efficient, memory and power wise. Most mobile app providers that provide video are either using a standard base stack (like SIP) or their own proprietary protocols.

To have a cross functional video service, then we need to have seamless interoperability between mobile app stack and browser based WebRTC. The difficulty is not as much in having a solution, but having a solution that works across various platforms and their different releases still in the market.This has created nightmare scenarios in testing and verifications for professionals and companies undertaking video solutions and services.

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