How to Read the Body Language of Your Clients During Video Calls

March 18, 2020

We have all heard the term “Globalization”. It’s the spread of products, technology, information, and jobs across national borders and cultures. It’s good for cross-continental businesses to work together, but on the other hand, travel and marketing expenses for companies have increased drastically.


Especially for meetings with foreign companies, product demos and customer support services; companies allocate a huge amount of budget. Thanks to the increasing use of technology, entrepreneurs can reduce expenses significantly. Meetings or product demos that would once have required a cross-continental trip or hours of driving can now be handled with 1-click.

On the other side of the coin, customers would once wait on the line or spend hours to come and see the product. These were all until our 1-click video solution: 11Sight.

Our partners have proven the effectiveness of 1-click video chat platform but there’s another way of increasing your calls’ effectiveness: Reading the body language of your customer. Thereby you will be able to understand their thoughts about your offer/project or whatever you are presenting in the first place.

Before you start reading the customer’s body language...

Make sure you have a quality infrastructure to transfer video and sound. Customers or partners are always grading us through the touch points. The first thing that your customer or partner will evaluate is the quality of the call. Our solution provides high-quality video and sound transfer on every platform without any downloads or subscriptions. Try it for free to experience it yourself.

4 Pinpoints of Body Language to Catch During Video Calls

  1. Posture

Is the person you’re talking with sitting up straight or leaning back? If they are leaning back, be careful; this is the first possible sign of boredom. Another meaning of leaning back is being comfortable and relaxed. However, if you’re in a business chat, it’s better to watch your step.

  1. Gestures

Everybody makes subconscious gestures during the day. Barely noticeable nods often indicate agreement while slight head tilts indicate confusion or disagreement. If you’re able to see the hands of the person you’re talking with, check if they are fidgeting or playing with some object. If they are, they might be bored.

  1. Facial Expressions

Eye contact is the key to show a professional manner and also to understand the second party. If they are looking away from their screen, you probably lost their interest. If, on the other hand, the person's eyebrows are relaxed and their eyes appear to be smiling, you may have won a new client.

  1. Movement

Even if you’re only able to see the upper body and face of the person you’re calling, it may tell you a lot about their interest. If they are moving and changing positions frequently, they might be bored or restless. Of course, their frequent moves might be normal by nature, but if this is your first meeting, it’s hard to tell. Just in case, try to change your approach and observe the changes in their moves.

By reading body language of your clients during video calls, you can approach them according to their needs and interests. Increase the effectiveness of your video calls and boost your sales with 11Sight’s secure and high quality 1-click video now!