How to Enhance Long Distance Customer Service Quality

February 23, 2021

Even long before the pandemic, customer care was done mostly on the phone or online. Most companies proxy to using chatbots to automate the process of customer service instead of receiving every call through a customer service representative.

These chatbots can either complement other ticketing systems you use to keep the customers happy and solve all the problems they encounter. Or they can be used as a standalone system to give recommendations based on keywords regarding what knowledge the customer is trying to find. It’s obvious that automated chatbots are very helpful and eliminate the need for a crowded team of representatives.

However, in the process of automating things many companies lose the human connection that is needed to provide feedback to their design and improvement process. In this article we will focus on the human aspect of customer care and find out whether it's worth investing in people rather than automated chatbots.

What Does Good Customer Service Look Like?

If you’ve taken any college courses in marketing you would know that the value proposition of a business may be based on three things: Product Quality, Brand Image and Customer Experience. No business will have all three of these figured out completely at one given time so most companies choose to focus on one or two.

For example, Amazon’s top priority is customer satisfaction and product quality is a close second, while Apple has a more balanced distribution with Product first and Customers a very close second. Apple’s value proposition suggests that the experience is the product, which means the two go hand in hand.

If your company like Amazon and Apple has customer experience in its focus, then automated chatbots may result in you being out of touch with your customers. You want to receive clear and insightful feedback from your customers.

If you plan on a design process based on continuous feedback and improvement, you obviously want to be able to hold face to face conversations with them. A 1 minute video conversation with a customer will motivate your team so much more than a well-written ticket.

That is exactly why Apple invested billions into building grandiose spaces where the apple community is welcomed to spend time in. But how can you replicate this success without billions of dollars or a physical location to welcome your customers and their feedback?

Long Distance Customer Service Done Right

Customer service is not rocket science, but you can certainly get lost in a sea of support tickets not knowing which one to prioritize and how to get sufficient information to fix the problem.

Sparing their valuable time to improve your product is a big ask for most customers. That’s why it's important to make it as easy as possible for them to give you feedback and make it count when they choose to do so. ou can use a 1-click video call software to start the conversation and make sure they are being heard once you are connected.

You can let them know that the call is being recorded and that you will be able to see their screen if they are comfortable sharing it. You can also assure them that you can review any text or pictures they send through the chat to resolve the issue. Making them feel welcomed and heard is fundamental to good customer service, but you need to receive the necessary information to be able to resolve the problem to begin with. Revisiting the conversation you had with a customer is a powerful tool for getting back to them as soon as possible with a solution. And bonus points if you resolve the issue within the call.

Using a 1-click video call software not only compliments your user experience by establishing instant face-to-face connections but also lets you leverage Video API technology to improve your brand image. You can engage your customers not through Zoom or Skype but with your own branded video call system. (To learn more about 1-click video call integration click here)