How to Become a More Successful Realtor in 2020

December 4, 2019

Today’s customers can’t do without having every information they can reach when buying something. That’s the case for every product starting from self-care products to real estate. But selling houses can be hard for many reasons.

First constraint is time. You need to schedule people according to the free time of both sides. Secondly, the information and photos you post online are not always sufficient because the buyer behavior is changing constantly. As a realtor, to communicate the “soul” of the house you’re selling, without having the buyers come, you can choose to let them call you on video with 1-click.

11Sight makes real estate agencies reachable from every platform, without any downloads and subscriptions.

The Digital Transformation trend has shown itself in all aspects of marketing and customer service. When it comes to real estate, customers are pickier than ever because they are internet-savvy and know where to find information. According to National Association of Realtors, more than 50% of homebuyers have found their homes through the internet in 2019. To become a successful realtor in 2020, here are some things to keep in mind:

Real estate buyers and sellers will continue using new technologies.

Both during the sales process and inside the house, new technologies are being invented. There’s an increasing demand for Internet of Things products in houses.

Online platforms, apps, social media and smart home technology are being used.

The sales process is digitalizing. Customers love it when they don’t need extra effort to buy something. When it comes to buying houses, the process starts at the search engine; searching the neighborhood, the prices or just the quality of an appliance customers see in the house. Make it even easier for customers; let them call you with 1-click and get involved personally.

AI is becoming a major player in real estate.

AI is becoming a major player in almost every industry. AI-powered tools draw attention and provide better experience for customers.

Omnichannel applications draw more attention than you think.

Once you get to know a customer, reach them from every channel you can. Start the communication on the web and social media and continue face-to-face. Send messages or e-mails to remind milestones in the process. They may seem to be idle at first, but these methods really work!Home services are changing too. Maybe in the future, there will be special devices to call the house owner or the realtor with 1-click to show a problem that needs to be solved about the house.

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