This article focuses into the world of online sales interactions, highlighting the role of chatbots and introducing the transformative potential of Just-In-Time video interactions, especially with platforms like 11Sight.

From Chatbots to Just-In-Time Video Calls: How 11Sight Is Revolutionizing Digital Sales

October 19, 2023

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance customer experience. While chatbots have been a game-changer, offering quick and efficient responses, they often fall short in delivering the personal touch that many customers crave. This article focuses into the world of online sales interactions, highlighting the role of chatbots and introducing the transformative potential of Just-In-Time video interactions with 11Sight.

The key takeaways are:

  • Chatbots, while efficient, can't replace the human touch in sales interactions.
  • Just-In-Time audio/video interactions will bridge the gap between automated responses and genuine human connection.
  • The future of online sales lies in the synergy between chatbots and Just-In-Time video interactions.
  • Businesses that adopt this integrated approach can expect increased customer satisfaction and higher sales conversions while the increasing role of AI results in cost savings.


The digital world is always changing. Chatbots, which were once the next big thing, are now common on many websites. They're great for quick answers, but sometimes customers want more – they want a real person. That's where 11Sight comes in, adding a personal touch to the digital experience.

1. The Chatbot Era: Still Expanding

Chatbots are everywhere. They help answer questions day and night and guide users on websites. They can talk to many people at once, making them a handy tool for businesses to handle basic questions.

2. Where Chatbots Fall Short

Chatbots are smart, but they're not human. They can't understand complicated questions or feelings. 

The most important gap is for them to know when they are falling short, when bringing in a real person is the right decision. After all, before most major purchases, we are still more comfortable talking to a real person.

3. People Still Want Real Conversations

Today's customers are still frustrated with ChatBots and the image of AI Bots is a mediocre one. People  want to be understood and to get accurate answers. When making important choices, a chatbot might not be enough. They want a human touch.

4. 11Sight: Adding the Human Touch to Chatbots

11Sight doesn't get rid of chatbots. Instead, it adds to them. If a customer wants to talk to a real person, 11Sight makes it easy to switch from chatting with a bot to a live video call. It's like having a helpful shop assistant just a click away.

5. Why Just-In-Time Video Calls Make a Difference

Having video calls as an option can help businesses in many ways:

  • Personal Touch: Customers feel valued when they get personal attention.
  • Building Trust: Talking face-to-face can make customers feel more comfortable.
  • Better Conversations: Video calls can lead to longer and more detailed chats.
  • Flexibility: Whether it's a quick question or a long talk, video calls can handle it.

6. Looking Ahead: Chatbots and People Working Together

The future isn't about choosing between chatbots and video calls. It's about using them together. As technology gets better, we'll see chatbots and humans teaming up to give customers the best service possible.

7. Real Stories, Real Results

Sarah, a marketing manager, said, "We've always used chatbots, and they're great. But adding 11Sight made our service even better. Being able to switch to a video call made our customers happier."

US Automotive Executive - “I am blown away! The strength of the product demanded my attention. 11Sight is so flexible, you are an outlier”


The world of online sales is always evolving, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. The way we used to sell things in the past has now changed. While chatbots are helpful in guiding them and providing some basic information, adding Just-In-Time video calls can take customer service to the next level. With 11Sight, businesses can make sure they're giving their customers the best experience possible.

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