Do not shrug off data privacy while digitalizing!

May 22, 2020

The whole World has entered a completely different period. Digitalization has taken effect in almost every sector; obligatory for the biggest industries, on purpose for others.

Our digital experiences in e-commerce, advertisement and communication has been taken to automotive, education and even health industries. But one very important aspect is being forgotten in the rush to digitalize our ways: Data privacy.

Protecting our personal data is not something ignore; we must be aware and careful of every digital mark we leave. Most internet users have not yet realized the importance of data privacy but it seems like we are going to talk much more about it in the coming years.


In this period we are going through, companies seek for solutions to reach their customers from digital channel as soon as possible. Most of them use the first solution that appears on search engines. However, they miss out the fact that the information transferred between customer and firm is a force to reckon with. This information could be crucial like credit cards, ID numbers, account details…

At 11Sight, we always put data privacy above all. 4 year ago when we were first developing 11Sight; security, ease of use and professionalism were our core objectives just like today.

On those days, when we said it was possible to make sales and provide service with online videos, both firms and customers were off guard. But today, from retailers to health care providers, almost every industry is in the search of a safe and easy online communication solution.


11Sight attracts companies by keeping the security at the highest level while providing its users one-on-one conversation in a professional environment. We provide security with end-to-end encryption method. The only key to analyze the information provided is kept in the sender’s and receiver’s devices. 11Sight, which we enriched with many features such as file sharing, pointing, screen sharing, is therefore a secure "interaction" platform.


Another important feature that distinguishes 11Sight from its peers is that there is no need to download, subscribe or install. Thus, the shared data is minimized and conversations can start instantly.

You can use 11Sight on iOS and Android devices and on your computers' web browsers.


For more information about 11Sight, you can call us now: 11to.me/sales