Online vs. Physical Customer Journey

August 27, 2020

Customer Journey Maps are narrative stories that allow you to see how a customer can use your product, how they will engage with your product, and how your product can provide benefit for them. Having a true and acceptable customer story allows us to find the most logical solutions for our problems.

Standard Titles, Unique Experiences

There is a general standard for creating a Customer Journey map but all journeys are unique. Creating a Customer Journey map is not easy because each stage of your e-commerce customer journey must be taken care of and personalized. You should analyze your audience well and personalize their experience, so that you will increase your engagement rate and cart size, and eventually get more loyal customers.

What you need to stay focused on is the fact that each step (touchpoint) should be optimized to put your customers at the center of the process, making their experience unique.

There are 4 main branches that we need to follow in order to create a Customer Journey; Awareness & Consideration, Decision, Delivery & Use, Loyalty & Advocacy. Every title must be considered in terms of customer & businesses’ own goals and activities as well as all touchpoints.

Let’s have a look at these titles in detail:

Awareness & Consideration

In the first two stages, your customers will be in a discovery period. They will look for the fastest way to reach the service they want with communication tools in various categories.

At this stage, what we need to do is to organize your online tools well and try to capture a quality interaction with the customer. 11Sight can help you engage live with the touch of a button. A video calling service can give you a great competitive advantage amongst your rivals.



At this stage, your customers will make a decision among the products they find, based on their detailed comparative search. At this stage, what you need to do is to reveal what kind of difference you have from similar products. Your customer service quality is one of the main aspects that customers might consider when deciding.

Delivery & Use

After making a decision, e-shoppers want to quickly reach the product they prefer. That's why you need to make sure that your product is delivered to the customer quickly. At the same time, since you will still be in one-to-one communication with the customer at this stage, you can also offer similar product recommendations. With 11Sight’s one-click video engagement platform, you can make these recommendations in-person and help customers shop with larger carts.

Loyalty & Advocacy

Once your customer is pleased with the experience on your e-commerce website, they will be willing to come back for more. If they can engage with a real sales representative in advance, you can build instant trust and you can turn your customers into loyal advocates. They will be confident enough to order more from your store and tell their friends about the experience.

To conclude, to build a modern and digital customer journey, you need to be where your customers are. Probably we will be more and more inactive by time, because online services are easy and very fast to achieve. If you are a product or service provider, you should consider adopting a digital solution to get ready for the all-digital era. Try our solution today: 11to.me/11sales