Confidential Video Calls: The New Normal

July 9, 2020

Video calls are essential in this global world. You can easily chat with your friends or colleagues on the other side of the world. This modern indispensable tool has millions of fans.


Today’s businesses and customers have a tendency to use video calls as the default communication channel. Because it’s much more customer-oriented and intimate, it’s easy and it increases reliance for both parties. When you rely on telephones for client, vendor or networking calls; there’s something missing.


As 11Sight team, we believe that the missing piece of the modern-day communication maze is emotion. We call it a maze because there are many aspects that need to be considered to have a successful communication. Emotions cannot be transferred through telephones or written channels. But when video is added in this multi-step process, emotions are transferred, call duration is decreased and reliance is increased. What matters is the privacy of these calls, and we got you covered on that.


There are some ways to keep your private life -more importantly, your personal information- safe while making video calls. Click here to read the article from the Popular Science Magazine, about privacy of video calls.


There are precautions you can take in the physical world, but there is even more than that. Privacy of the app you use is the first thing you should be considering.

We always mention the privacy precautions we take, especially end-to-end encryption. Just like locking the door in the physical world, we lock the door of your confidential 1-to-1 meeting room in the digital world. Not all video calling apps use this feature. We connect businesses with customers and today’s customers are very delicate about their data privacy. Here’s how Mozilla explains end-to-end encryption:


“End-to-end encryption means only those who are part of the call can access the call’s content. No one can listen in, not even the company. Other apps use client-to-server encryption, similar to what your browser does for HTTPS web sites. As your data moves from one point to another, it’s unreadable. Though unlike end-to-end encryption, once your data lands on a company’s servers, it then becomes readable.”


Don’t confuse business confidential video calling apps with the daily life essentials. A small discussion you have with a friend is not as confidential as business calls. 11Sight is a Video Interaction Platform designed for businesses, so it has some in-call and performance tracking features to help businesses grow. Apps you love when talking with friends, should not be used for confidential calls.


If you want to know more about confidential video calls, give us a live call! We will be glad to answer your questions.