Bring Your Business to Your Customers

March 24, 2020

The coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak that have started in China’s Wuhan district; got people all over the World stuck in their homes. To prevent the virus being spread, many countries have quarantined their citizens and closed their border gates. This may help resisting the spread of Covid-19 but, even now, the quarantine decisions have large impacts on World economy. Sales have decreased or operations have stopped for many companies.

11Sight is a great solution to keep making sales without leaving your home.

11Sight is for enhancing customer experience

As the customers got used to digitalized experiences, landline or chat-only solutions have lost their impact. However, making sales requires high level of personalized communication.

With the 1-Click solutions of 11Sight, customers are able to instantly see the eyes of the representatives of a brand, a therapist, a doctor or anyone who they need to get in touch with. Just add a QR code, link or button to your signature/business cards/web pages to bring your business to your customers’ homes.

Where to use it actually?

As a sales representative: Use 11Sight to make store visits and provide customer service with 1-click.

As a medical service provider: Use 11Sight to let the client reach you with 1-click, on a secure and professional platform.

As a business specialist: Use 11Sight to let your business partners reach you with 1-click on the secure and professional platform. Use features like screen sharing, file sharing, texting, call recording and more to take the meeting one step further.

As an instructor: Students can reach you with 1-click from every platform with 11Sight. No downloads, no subscriptions. Contact us for more information.

Not to forget; only read the latest coronavirus updates from official entities like World Health Organization (WHO), reliable newspapers and government websites. Don’t believe anything you hear from a friend’s friend. If you can, stay home to prevent the virus being spread.

To experience 11Sight’s secure video calls, get a free trial here. You can also contact our team for further information.We hope a treatment for this virus will be found as soon as possible. Take care!