Inbound Video Call
Inbound Video Call

An Inbound Video Call Christmas Tale

December 12, 2022

It was the holiday season, and the marketing team at the B2B SaaS company was working hard to finish off the year strong. They had developed a new campaign centered around the holiday spirit and were excited to see how it would perform.

The team had spent months researching and planning the campaign, and they were confident that it would be a success. They wanted to be unique and targeted. They knew they had to separate themselves from the noise. For the first time, they decided to use an inbound video call (IVC) platform for all their campaigns. They armed their sales team with unique content and e-lines and launched several targeted ads, social, and email marketing campaigns to reach out to their potential customers.

As the campaign launched, the team eagerly monitored the results. To their delight, they saw a huge influx of inbound video calls from their high-intent buyers and a significant increase in engagement and sales. They could track exactly where all the calls were coming from and maximize their investments on high converting channels. Within the month of November, the campaign generated millions of dollars in pipeline deals and revenue for the company.

The marketing team was thrilled with the success of the campaign, and they couldn't wait to see how it would continue to perform as they headed into the month of December. They were also already planning next year's campaigns, and they were determined to make it even more successful. The Sales team was static and forever grateful for the marketing team's effort and results. 

As the holiday season came to a close, the B2B SaaS company had achieved record-breaking sales, thanks in large part to their innovative and successful marketing campaign leveraging inbound video call technology and the highly skilled sales team that was able to convert prospects into customers. Both teams were proud of their accomplishments and they were excited to start the new year off on the right foot.

That's the true spirit of Christmas. Marketing ❤️ Sales.