3 Steps To Look Good On Video Calls

April 30, 2020

Looking good on video calls is a major issue of today. Whether it’s a business meeting, customer call or a doctor’s visit, we are doing it online and on video.

You can enhance the quality and efficiency of your video calls with some simple touches. Here are the 3 simple but very necessary steps to enhance the efficiency of video calls:

  1. Fashion is old-fashioned!

What makes you look professional, when all that people can see is your face and shoulders? Since we are home, you might expect living in your pajamas until the next time you go out. But when it comes to work, you can wear pajamas under, but your top should look professional as you are at the office. Fashion is old-fashioned in the work-from-home world! Just wear something rather than pajamas on your top and keep the professional look.

Makeup is not necessary every day but -this one’s for everyone, don’t start video calls with your bed hair.

  1. Setup

Do you really want to display your childhood memories in the back? It would be distracting and... unnecessary. If your camera has a wide angle, find a nice and clean wall to sit in front of. You can put some decorative objects, like a piece of art or a small plant to avoid the prison look. If all of your family is at home, we recommend you not to choose places like the kitchen or living room, where the traffic might be heavy.

  1. Camera, set, roll!

Do not turn your back on the light. If you can, sit up straight facing the light or the window. Make sure your camera is clean and well positioned. Show those beautiful eyes, not the ceiling.


Having an efficient video call is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just like starting to use 11Sight! Go to 11sight.com, request your free demo and start getting calls!