3 Best Security Gifts for All Time Use

December 24, 2019

Another year with ups and downs is almost over. What about buying a New Year gift to help protect your loved ones from the ever-increasing malware? Here are some suggestions from Tech Crunch Gift Guide.

It doesn’t have to be a gift for some special day; these gift ideas are useful at any time of the year.

Cam Cover


Surveillance-focused malware, can infect computers and switch on your webcam without permission. The computer webcams of today have a small indicator light to Show when it’s active; yet some people may still have concerns. These webcam covers enable you to block your camera in the first place and prevent any malware from reaching. This simple solution is very easy to use; plus you can support local businesses or non-profits by purchasing one.

Price: from $5 – $10.

Microphone Blocker

Microphone blocker plug

Like webcams, microphones need to be covered from hackers. Microphone blockers contain a semiconductor that tricks your device as if it's a working microphone, when in fact it’s not able to pick up any audio. If anyone hacks your device, what they’ll get is absolute silence.

Price: $6.99 – $16.99.

A privacy screen for your computer or phone

Privacy screen

Have you ever read someone’s private messages or documents without intention? Same might be happening to others, with your messages. It’s called “visual-hacking”. These privacy screens make your screen almost impossible to be seen by the people next to you. These screens are available for all kinds of displays.

Price: from about $17.

These small gifts can make your loved ones happy any time. Let us know about which one you like the most! If you have privacy concerns while using internet, use 11Sight for one-click video chat. Because 11Sight uses advanced end-to-end encryption Technologies to keep your data safe.