11Sight Cisco Webex Speed To Lead

11Sight partners with Webex to accelerate speed to lead, lead qualification, and revenue generation.

February 2, 2023

11Sight, the number one inbound video call platform for revenue teams is now fully integrated with Webex and is available in the Webex App Hub as a certified Webex partner. 

With 11Sight and Webex, B2B SaaS companies remove friction and unnecessary steps from your buying process, improve your customer experience, and deliver more and faster wins for your sales team.

Speed to lead in B2B SaaS sales and marketing is crucial because it allows businesses to quickly identify and engage with potential customers, which can increase the chances of closing a sale and building a strong relationship. The faster a business can respond to leads, the more likely they are to establish trust and credibility with the prospect, leading to a higher conversion rate. In addition, with a competitive market and numerous options for prospects to choose from, having a quick response time can set a business apart and give them an advantage over slower-moving competitors. 

High-intent buyers can now start an inbound video or audio call to your sales team straight from any channel (corporate website, chatbot, LinkedIn, G2, Capterra, email campaign,...) with one click.

11Sight will ring a specific individual or a team simultaneously based on predefined criteria. 

All information about the prospect or customer can be retrieved before and during the call and all new information collected during the call will be stored back in your CRM after the call with minimal effort.

Webex users can now schedule follow-up meetings straight from 11Sight with one click.  

Providing unbeatable speed-to-lead and an invaluable experience.

The Webex team will be officially announcing the partnership during the Cisco Live event in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The conference will happen between February 6th and 10th 2023. If you plan on attending the event, you can learn more about the 11Sight and Webex integration during this session or at the Webex booth.

Click here to learn how to integrate 11Sight with Webex or visit the Webex AppHub to learn more.

About Webex by Cisco

Webex is a leading provider of cloud-based collaboration solutions which includes video meetings, calling, messaging, events, polling, asynchronous video and customer experience solutions like contact center and purpose-built collaboration devices. Webex's focus on delivering inclusive collaboration experiences fuels our innovation, which leverages AI and Machine Learning, to remove the barriers of geography, language, personality and familiarity with technology. Its solutions are underpinned with security and privacy by design. Webex works with the world's leading business and productivity apps – delivered through a single application and interface. Learn more at webex.com.