11Sight for the Hearing Impaired

December 11, 2019

Communication has gone far in the era we’re living; voice and video calls are integrated into many areas of our lives. High quality customer services should be available for every customer, including 360 million hearing-impaired people.

You can use 11Sight to provide effortless 1-1 video chat and texting for handicapped people. Be it customer services or routine interview; 11Sight can make it easier for corporate communication.

Who can use 11Sight for the hearing-impaired?

  1. Customer Services

Awareness towards handicapped people is a social fact to be discussed. Everywhere around the world, thousands of companies direct their customers to their phone lines to provide customer services because replying mails personally can be hard for companies. Thus, they usually miss out what their customers say. But if your customers cannot hear you, would it be possible to reach them through phone lines? With a simple button, you can reach 360 million hearing-impaired people and provide the service they are searching for, by video chat and texting.

  1. Medical Doctors

If you are a doctor, communicating with your patients is crucial. When it comes to the hearing-impaired people, all you need to do is integrating 11Sight to your website to let your patients call and text you with 1-click. Make the pre-interview using sign language or by texting, whenever and wherever you want. Thus, you can provide high quality service for your patients and solve their problems faster.

  1. Rehabilitation Centers

Handicapped people may sometimes feel they are being excluded from the society because of their disabilities and have self-confidence issues. You can provide service and support for the handicapped people with 1-click only.Of course, this is not all! 11Sight is available on every platform and it can be personalized for all businesses. Tell us what you do so that we can provide you a 1-click solution. Contact us now!Read more of our blog to discover how we can help and why you should prefer 11Sight. See you soon!