11Sight for the Automotive Industry

December 17, 2019

Digitalization, increasing automation and the introduction of new business models have triggered each other and changed the automotive industry in recent years. Today it is a crystal-clear fact that companies must adapt to the new environment.

According to Zigurat Business School; by 2020, growing digitalization and advancements in technology will have increased the automotive industry investments to $82 billion. The automotive industry is adapting very fast to the digitalizing World and enhancing customer experience when researching, purchasing and operating a car. 11Sight can be integrated into each of these processes by its ease of use, flexibility, high-quality service and security.

In this emerging era of digitalization, our society wants everything to be approachable in just a single click or within arm’s reach. The way people communicate has evolved from offline methods into smartphones and now consumers want even something greater. Most of the industries including automotive are going towards the era of digitalization bringing new insights to the market. “Car buyer of the Future” study made by Google shows that consumers want change in the car-buying process. It identifies key areas where consumer demand is influencing rapid change as the shopping process, the buying & the ownership process where the industry should focus on making improvements.

By the emergence of such trends, “Digitalization” has turned out to be a greater aspect of the business world with its wide impact and people have started to mention it as “The Act of Digitalization”. The Act of Digitalization aims to discuss the viable solutions like bringing customer awareness, educate the customers in technical aspects & some practices to promote the usage of digital methods in the purchasing process. The automotive industry is influenced by this act in a way that digital technologies are being adapted so fast.

11Sight is one of these technologies by making the purchasing/renting process and customer services available with 1-click on every platform. Video calls can be integrated into every touchpoint to enhance the customer’s experience.11Sight helps dealerships, customer service providers and rental firms by giving an opportunity to be accessible for each and every customer. Give us a 1-click call to get more information about how we can integrate our technology into your business.