11Sight and Others

October 17, 2019

Video calls have made it possible to see the ones we love even if they are far away. Video chat is now integrated to almost every device and it’s preferred by local and international brands. 11Sight has become a popular 1-1 video solution for many enterprises.

But what makes it so good? We have compared some other 1-1 applications with 11Sight, let’s go on and see why people prefer 11Sight.


Let’s mention the applications which were originally designed for individual use, but also being used by some enterprises. WhatsApp and FaceTime, can be considered as Fundamentals of individual video chat. FaceTime is one of the built-in applications of Apple devices and operates only amongst Apple devices. WhatsApp has recently created WhatsApp Business for small enterprises. It allows small business owners to manage quick replies and automated messages, but you can only have one account per device. Besides, giving Access to other employees can be problematic. This solution can be beneficial for small enterprises; but 11Sight steps forward with high-quality service for enterprises regardless of their size.

Skype, which is appropriate for both individual and corporate use, might look beneficial. But the hardship of Skype is that both parties must become members and have the application downloaded. Moreover, it doesn’t work from browsers and you may face unexpected costs.

You have probably heard Intercom, which works with corporate clients only. It might be a useful software, but you are entrusting your customers to robots. Video replies are integrated to its system but the thing is; you can only send a pre-recorded video as the first message. Besides, if there’s a connection problem, your message might not be delivered and the customer might leave the website.

Services like Whereby and SightCall provide fast interaction with customers but these services have very expensive plans.

11Sight is an all-in-one affordable video interaction platform. 11Sight provides HD-quality calls on every platform (web browser, mobile browser and application). You can make personalization to represent your company’s identity. Reach the professional service anytime, anywhere with 11Sight.

The best part of 11Sight is that, customers who’d like to reach the reach the representatives of a company will not need to download any applications and there’s no need to sign up as a caller. Customers will reach the companies with one-click via the button / link on the website, application or message. If the caller needs further information, callee can share their screen simultaneously or send ready documents without leaving 11Sight platform.

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