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Convert website leads in real-time

Partnerhub knows converting more web leads is critical for increasing 2023 sales. That’s why Partnerhub partnered with 11Sight to bring you on demand face to face meetings from your website’s search pages so that you can connect with your prospect before your competition.

Converting more of your web leads to sales without the back and forth of chasing prospects who inquired down makes your sales team's life a lot easier.

Take advantage of this Partnerhub prize and start increasing your web lead conversions by more than 21% today.
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On-demand call lines and meeting rooms

Partnerhub has partnered with 11Sight to provide your organization two seats to help your teams convert more web leads. Training included it takes a few hours to get your team set up and converting web inquiries. 

What you get:

  • Two on-demand call lines you can place on any online channel (website, social media, email etc)
  • Two online meeting rooms (replacing Zoom, Teams or whatever you use)
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Track all Online leads in your CRM

11Sight offers seamless integration with your CRM so that customer information is safely captured and retained.
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Available Features

  • Call Recording
  • Call Transcription with AI Summary
  • 2-Way Integration with HubSpot CRM
    - Access Contact information within the call
    - Update Contact details and notes within the call
  • Zapier Integration with all other CRMs
  • Seamlessly Schedule the Next Meeting within the call
  • Complete User Statistics and Reporting
  • Campaign Management
    - Track call source
    - QR Codes
    - Button widgets
  • Integrate into your Chatbot and Qualification Forms
  • Invite other team members to the call
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Videos to show how 11Sight helps: